Keep elbows in their place with My Plane Space®

Make the most of flying in coach!

Everybody who flies has encountered the universal problem of being elbowed by the person sitting next to them. That problem is now solved thanks to My Plane Space®!

What is My Place Space?
My Plane Space


My Plane Space®, the patented, lightweight device meets FAA guidelines and snaps right onto the existing armrest dividers of airplanes. It provides a perfect space divider so you get to keep the seat you paid for, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable flight.

My Plane Space® is a travel necessity. Weighing in at less than 1 lb., it’s very compact and easy to travel with. You just put it on the middle armrest which allows you to keep your own seat space, still leaves you an armrest to use, and you no longer have to put up with elbow jabs. The people sitting next to you love it, too, because they not only get a padded armrest, they also benefit from a more comfortable flight by not bumping into you. It is hard to stay in the small space without a My Plane Space® there to help.

Travelers of all ages love My Plane Space®

Read how these people put a smile on their face by using a My Plane Space®

“My Plane Space is awesome – this is what everyone on my Christmas list this year is getting. It’s so wonderful not to be jabbed in my side all the time from my seatmate! Thanks so much!” — Kayley M., Tacoma, WA, MVP Gold member

“I used My Plane Space on our annual family vacation trip to California, and it worked great to give each of my kids their own space – the calmest roundtrip we’ve ever had. A must-have for anyone who flies with kids.” — Amanda S., Coeur d’ Alene, ID, Casual Flyer

“This is incredible! I didn’t know how well it’d work as it’s not that big, but it’s just the right height to block elbows (even really tall people). It made for a much more relaxing flight. Thank you!” — Brian K., Chicago, IL, Premier Platinum member

“I dread every time I don’t get upgraded because I feel like I’m packed in a sardine can. Thank you for this amazing product – it was great to have my own space back! As long as I have My Plane Space, I’m good with flying coach” — Jeff R., Albany, NY, Premier Gold member

“The girl sitting next to me lifted her elbows to read her paper and bam, her elbow was stopped by My Plane Space and I just smiled, thinking to myself, yep, that’s right, stay on your own side ☺” — Dan L., San Diego, CA, Platinum medallion member

“I got on the plane and crawled over a rather large person sitting in the middle seat and I thought, ok, here’s the test. Put My Plane Space up and what do you know? She didn’t come across into my seat area once throughout the 5 hr long flight.” — Lynn T., Orlando, FL, casual flyer

“I’ve been a flight attendant for 21 years and have seen many elbows cross the divider, let alone experienced it myself when flying for leisure. This could win the award for best invention this decade!” — Michelle T., West Linn, OR, flight attendant



For each purple My Plane Space™ purchased, a $1 charitable donation will be made to fund Alzheimer’s research.

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It is a patented, lightweight, portable divider that snaps right onto existing armrests of airplanes. It fits securely on armrests of all plane sizes and is just the right height to keep the person sitting next to you from elbowing you and crowding your space. It will be your new ‘can't fly without’ product.

Yes, we worked with the FAA to ensure it meets all requirements. It easily fits into any carry-on bag (doesn’t take up very much space at all) and flight attendants have provided unsolicited feedback that it’s such a great idea! It doesn’t block any exits or obscure any functions, so there are no problems at all! You can use it on any flight!

Yes, you still have an armrest to use. If you’re sitting in an aisle seat, you have the aisle armrest. If you’re in a window seat, the armrest closest to the window is all yours. Even if you’re in the middle seat, you can use a My Plane Space® on either one of the armrests or carry 2 with you. You don’t have to fight over the middle armrest with a My Plane Space® – you graciously give use of the middle armrest to the person sitting next to you. Most fliers give the person in the middle seat the armrest anyway because there’s still another one and everyone knows it’s not any fun to be stuck in the middle.

Not at all! My Plane Space® is actually praised by people sitting in the middle seat (or next to you if on a small plane) as the part that fits over the armrest is padded – much more comfortable than the standard hard armrest. So, you are able to stop the elbows and ride in comfort without it creating an uncomfortable or tense situation.

My Plane Space® is made from only the highest quality polypropylene material, which ensures its sturdiness and resilience. All manufacturing is done in the United States.

Other color options will be coming soon. Additionally, custom design covers are patent pending and are being tested right now. Check back soon for availability.

Definitely! It works on any seat with an armrest divider. Stadiums and theatres are two other large venues. You can now keep your seat space at any football, baseball, basketball, or hockey game, as well as while flying!

The bottom portion is flexible so it can be stretched to fit right over the top of any sized armrest. It is tapered so it easily stays in place.

Yes, it can easily be wiped clean with just soap and water.

Auburn University researchers recently documented studies showing airplane armrests harbor the deadliest germs on planes for up to 4 days – even longer than on toilet handles! Do yourself and others a favor and use My Plane Space on the armrests to help prevent the spread of germs. My Plane Space acts as a great barrier to reduce the likelihood of skin contact with others, helping to ease fears of germ contagion.